FAQ For M.Tech

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Important FAQs Regarding BE/BTech

  1. What is the basic difference between ME and MTech?
  2. ME stands for Master of Engineering while MTech stands for Master of Technology. The key difference between these two degrees is in terms of their practical impact, course material and orientation.
  3. What can I do after completing Masters of Technology or MTech?
  4. After completing the Masters of Technology or MTech, candidates can go for a research degree such as PhD. They can find a suitable job right after completingMTech. Candidates seeking a career as a teacher can join engineering college as a professor. Candidates with an entrepreneurship mindset can start their own firms as well.
  5. What are the skills required for ME/MTech?
  6. Candidates are required to have below skills to perfrom well in their ME/MTech course. Have a look:
  • Ability to communicate – verbal and written
  • Knowledge of the subjects studied in BE/BTech
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Commitment and Desire to Learn
  • Attention to details
  • Acquaintance with Industry Standards
  • Teamwork
  • Multifaceted Exposure
  • Leadership Skills
  • Analytical & Creative thinking
  • Acquaintance with Computers & IT
  • Giving and receiving feedbacks
  1. What is the eligibility criteria for ME/MTech?
  2. Candidates who have completed their BE/BTech degree with a valid score in GATE are eligible for ME/MTech degree course. Candidates with a 5-year program in Science or Applied Sciences resulting in the award of a Master of Science degree can also apply for the MTech degree course.
  3. What are the different job profiles offered to a MTech graduate?
  4. After completing ME is Master of Engineering and that of MTech is Master of Technology, a candidate can easily find a job in research and development companies, manufacturing firms, and IT companies as Project Manager, Research Associate, and Senior Engineers. Some of the candidates also prefer academic jobs such as teaching in a college or becoming a professor.
  5. What is the best career option after MTech in CSE?
  6. After completing the MTech degree in CSE, the candidates can find job opportunities in private and public sector firms. They can also find a lot of job openings in the software sector which requires specialisation. The candidates can work in different areas in the software industry.
  7. What is the scope of MTech in information technology?
  8. In today’s career opportunities, IT Specialists with higher qualifications are required in almost all range of employment fields such as finance, arts, medicine, defense, and other areas. Some of the leading IT firms also prefer candidates with MTech degree.
  9. Which branch of MTech has more scope?
  10. Candidates who have scored good marks/rank in GATE will surely go for MTech in design, thermal or production engineering.
  11. Is MTech after BTech it a good choice?
  12. Yes, of course doing MTech after completing BTech is a right decision for students who wants to increase their creativity and work more on their techincal skills. It also provides gives you great career opportunities.
  13. What is the average salary after MTech in India?
  14. After getting a MTech degree, a candidate can can earn an average of 3- 10 lakhs annually. The salary of a candidate also depends on the profile he/she is working on.
  15. What is the full form of MTech. What is the duration of the course?
  16. MTechstands for Masters of technology. It is an postgraduate engineering degree awarded to a candidate. The duration of this degree course is two years.