BAMS Colleges

What is B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) ?

BAMS full form is Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. BAMS is an undergraduate degree programme that is designed to make students familiar with the concepts of Ayurveda and use them for the treatment of patients. BAMS incorporates Ayurveda with the concepts of modern medicines and students are taught a combination of both as part of the course curriculum.
Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of medicine and traces its roots to Vedic times. It is based on the curative properties of herbs and its medicines are known for the natural elements that they contain.
Considered as an alternative method of treatment, the Ayurveda medicine system not only cures and prevents an ailment but also reduces the frequency with which diseases enter the human body. It utilises the self-healing system of the body.
Currently, this alternative method of healing is being accepted by people worldwide. Even the World Health Organisation has provided a worldwide forum for promoting traditional medicine systems such as Ayurveda. Therefore, the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) as a course has opened up many promising opportunities for students.

Advantages of Pursuing BAMS

Following BAMS, candidates will have the chance to serve in prestigious government agencies and hospitals. This government employment cost as much as a doctor’s wage. After graduating from BAMS, the Indian government permits the degree holders to open their own Ayurvedic pharmacy or clinic. Following BAMS, students can obtain a PhD or MD in Ayurveda or related fields, as well as work for top Ayurvedic companies and brands like Himalaya. In addition to job possibilities and career opportunities, learning BAMS would include understanding Ayurveda’s roots and applications of our daily lives, which will aid in the transition to a healthy lifestyle.

Why one should pursue BAMS Course?

Ayurveda is an ancient method of treating sickness or illness. It is well known all over the world. Since the World Health Organization (WHO) has offered avenues to spread Ayurveda, BAMS provides students with career opportunities both in India and abroad.

Required Skillset for BAMS 

BAMS is most apt for students who have a keen interest in the Medicine industry and would love to explore alternative methods of treatment. Students who aspire to build their career in the field of Ayurveda should have the below-mentioned skillset:

Skillset for BAMS Graduates

Interest in medicinal property of herbs





Counselling ability

Decision-making ability

Take a look at different job opportunities available for BAMS graduates below

1. Physician: Before students start with their own clinical practice, it is always advised to work under some senior practitioners to gain relevant experience. Along with regular practice under a practitioner, students can also opt for specialised practice (such as treatment for spinal disorders, skin diseases, etc) after gaining complete knowledge.
2. Teacher: If a student wishes to build his/her career in the field of teaching, it becomes necessary to complete post-graduation. For post-graduation, students can choose to pursue either MD or postgraduate diplomas in any subject of their choice. Once students have their post-graduation degree, they can join any government or private college as a lecturer.
3. Manager: Students who wish to enter into the field of management can pursue courses such as Masters in Public Health (MPH), Masters in Health Administration (MHA), and MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management. Such courses are in great demand and offer promising employment opportunities for students.
4. Clinical Research Associate: These days many universities are coming up with different postgraduate courses in clinical research. Students can pursue such courses to secure a job as a Clinical Research Associate in the research units of different pharmaceutical companies.
5. Drug Manufacturer: Manufacturing of Ayurveda medicines and related products such as cosmetics is a booming business these days. To make a career in the field, students can choose to pursue courses such as MSc in Pharmaceutical Medicine and Diploma in Herbal Medicinal Manufacturing after the completion of the BAMS course.
6. Health Supervisor/ Therapist: These days many international tourists look towards taking natural Ayurveda treatments in health resorts and spa centres across India. Tourists usually prefer natural therapies for problems like arthritis, obesity, migraine, premature ageing, skin diseases, high cholesterol, and diabetes. BAMS students can opt to work as supervisors in such health centres of various hotels and resorts. Students can also open their own health centre.
7. Medical Supervisor: This option includes working as a medical supervisor in companies that prepare Ayurveda medicines.